Aquarius Daily Horoscope


14 August 2022




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Financial issues may make you anxious today. Your subordinates may be shirking their duties and a great deal of their workload may fall upon you. Take strict actions so that the bottom line is not affected. Do not wear a dejected look on your face. There might have been some unrest in your family for quite some time. Try to understand and solve the issue instead of prolonging the fighting. Do not take large loans of money as you may not be able to repay the interest, and also because the debt will become a huge burden on your budget. Today you will have to be extra careful about the way you speak with women as your politeness may be mistaken for flirting by your partner. You will be very busy at work as you will be asked to stand in during your manager's absence. Try to coordinate your team well to minimize chaos. You will have friends visiting with a car which you may be able to borrow for a short trip. If so, you will cherish the memories for a long time to come. Your father may hand his business on to you to asses your capability, you will do an excellent job of maintaining his business and related assets. You might not feel comfortable in the presence of people who talk a lot uselessly. It is better that you avoid people who use flattery to impress others. Avoid unhealthy food or fast food as there is a chance of stomach problems. There may even be an underlying health issues causing abdominal or back pains. It would be a good idea for you to visit a doctor or just go for a health check-up.

Luck does not seem to favor you today, anything you say or do may be used against you. Therefore, be extremely careful in your words and actions so as to create any upset. Your face may have a grumpy look today. Difference of opinion with someone in your household may lead to unwanted arguments. Be careful of what you say before you make it worse. It is better if you set aside some of your money for emergencies as it seems that you may have a very large medical expense in the near future. Misunderstandings with your spouse or partner are also in the cards today. At least have your friends by your side to back you up. You will have to be careful in your decisions today as there are possiblities for both profit and loss. It will depend on how you respond to a stressful situation Travelling to new places is a top priority for you now. It will be a great way to expand your experience of life, as you meet new people along the way. You may not have been successful at conceiving a child. Therefore you may want to consider discussing the idea of adopting children with your spouse. You are likely to meet some new people today. However, notice if someone tends to show off a lot right from the beginning, this is not a characteristic of a worthy friend. You may have recovered from a long illness which had taken a toll on your mental health. Go for a run or visit a new place to break from the monotony and allow your mind to rest.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

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Aquarius (April 20 - May 20)

Facts About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign 

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. It is ruled by Saturn according to ancient astrology and by Uranus according to modern astrology. This makes Aquarius-borns a little bit of Saturn and a little bit of Uranus. The Aquarius zodiac sign is the symbolism of freedom. People born with Aquarius as their star sign are free-spirited. They can be extremely rebellious if put under restrictions.  

Looks of Aquarius Zodiac Sign Individuals 

Aquarius-born people are unaware of their own beauty. They have absolutely no idea, nor a care in the world, how attractive others find them. Aquarius women have an Olive-gold to dusky and medium-fair complexion. They have big brown or black eyes and thick long hair. They like to keep their hair open. They’re slim and have a delicate feminine frame that makes them even more desirable. Aquarius men usually have a medium height, about 5’7 or 5’8. They have a warrior’s body and are usually tanned. They have broad shoulders and very strong arms. Their smile is, however, their secret weapon.

The Personality of Aquarius Zodiac Sign Individuals 

Aquarius-born people can be anything but pretentious. If they don’t like you, they won’t even pretend that they like you. They’ll make it very clear that you’re not welcomed. Aquarius women are very emotional by nature. By the grace of Saturn, they do a lot of charity and protect the people who are defenseless. They’re hot-headed too. It’s very easy to irritate them. They might look harmless, but these women are terribly revengeful. If they mean harm, they’ll do everything in their power to settle scores. However, you have to wound them emotionally for them to turn so mean. Plotting and planning aren’t in their nature. So, if they’re actually doing it, it means someone very close to them has betrayed their trust. They’re very creative too. It’s the artist in them that makes them so sensitive towards human emotions. 

Aquarius men, just like the ladies, are very sensitive. The difference being, the women show it, the men don’t. These men are very protective of the people in their life, especially their women, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and wives. It’s a very bad idea to hurt the people they’re guarding under their wings. They might ignore the little harm you’ve done to them, but they won’t ignore it if you harm their favorite people. An Aquarius man trying to take revenge is no less than a panther. He waits for the right opportunity and goes for the kill! So, it’s better to stay out of their bad books. These men are extremely career-oriented.  

Career for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign Individuals 

Saturn makes these people very smart and nurturing. Hence, they make excellent social workers, counselors, and teachers. By the grace of Uranus, they’re blessed with exceptional creativity. So, they’re born to be authors, dancers, actors, and art directors. They’re also very organized and keen to explore and discover new things. It makes them very good researchers and data scientists.

Married Life for Aquarius Zodiac Sign Individuals 

It’s a bag of joy and sweet surprises. Aquarius people are very faithful and honest. They put the feelings of their partners ahead of their own feelings and interests. These men and women are more like best friends than bossy companions. As a result, their partners feel very comfortable sharing secrets. It shouldn’t be a wonder that these people are too good in bed. It’s impossible to not feel pampered with them in your life. Yes, there are ups and downs. But, the ego doesn’t stand a chance in relationships that Aquarius people are handling.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign as Friends  

If you have a friend who’s Aquarius, you’d be a fool to lose one. These people are very picky in choosing who to be friends with. They are careful when giving people entry into their life. When they do, there’s no looking back. You’ll never be left lonely again. These people support their friends as nobody else can. 


Aquarius Horoscope - Faqs


What is the fact of Aquarius?

Aquarius is the 12th zodiac sign and the last air sign. Aquarius is the sign of a person born between January 20 and February 18. An Aquarius' symbol is a person pouring water. The water bearer is a mystical healer who brings the land back to life.

Aquarians are known for their inventiveness, and they aren't hesitant to think outside the box when it comes to creative ideas, business solutions, and other endeavours. In fact, they take pleasure in their ability to recognise revolutionary ideas and ways for improving things—including society.

It's a big no-no to press an Aquarius native to open up right away or reveal every aspect of their life narrative, as this sign is shy. They enjoy talking and will undoubtedly allow you into their lives over time, but only on their terms—they must never be rushed or coerced.

Aquarians despise pettiness in others. This is a sign that truly believes in the phrase "live and let live." If you pick on them or are too tight-fisted around them, they will lose all respect for you and, worse, refuse to associate with you.

Aquarius aren't truly weak until they've experienced heartbreak or been duped in love. Aquarius takes a lifetime to choose a partner, and if they have a tendency to break the Taurean heart, it will take even longer for them to heal.

Venus is the planet that rules Aquarius. This is where the Aquarius' famed sexuality comes from. Read the Aquarius daily horoscope to learn more about the planet Venus.