Refund and Cancellation

REFUND AND Cancellation

Refunds Process
You can submit a request for refund by mailing us at with your customer ID and your grievance. In case your grievance is arising out of any quality issues - we will try our best to give you a corrective solution. For ease of processing & documentation of this process we will keep the refund request through the email provided above only. Once the process is completed, we will communicate to You the extent of refund and a tentative date by which you can claim it. We try to respond to any request for refund within ten (15) working days of receipt of request. The refund will be made to you based on the unutilized sessions in your account only. The deduction of the amount will be based on the actual used sessions and the package slab for those number of sessions used.

A counselor gives you their exclusive time and blocks it for you when you schedule an appointment with them. It is a disservice to other clients who could have used that slot for their well being when you don't show up.
Our sessions can be pre-booked in advance and can be rescheduled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the appointment.
Any request to reschedule within 24 hours of the appointment or failing to turn up is chargeable amounting to non-refundable cancellation of the session.
We provide full flexibility for timely rescheduling 24 hours prior to the appointment. Users have the option to reschedule booked appointments twice beyond which they will have to take the session or cancel it with a deduction.
If our counselor cancels the appointment anytime before the appointment, the user will have the session credit to their account (No deductions will be made in such cases irrespective of the time of cancellation

If you have any grievance relating to the refund, please write to