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Astrology - FAQs


What is the eAstroHelp Platform?

Astrology is so complicated that an online tool or calculator cannot always tell you everything about your life. 

The eAstrohelp platform is the bridge between you and some of the best astrologers. It's a platform where you can connect with astrologers, book an appointment, and get your birth chart read.

Out of the hundreds of other platforms - why us? Let's help you figure out the why:

The eAstroHelp platform has a stringent shortlisting procedure. We connect only the best astrologers with our users. It's an entire community with the online presence of the best tarot readers, palm readers, reiki readers, numerologists, and much more.

We have a pool of the best astrologers that will read your birth chart, make predictions about your marriage, career, health, wealth, luck, and education, and offer solutions for doshas and other flaws.

The eAstrohelp Platform connects users with the best astrologers from India, the USA, Canada, Australia.

We also have many free tools that our customers can use anytime. So, yes, we do understand that sometimes free tools can do the trick too. Precisely, we offer the best of both worlds: reliable and accurate free tools and the best astrologers for precise readings.

We're not complicated people, really! We aim to make life simpler for our customers and it begins with the ease with which you can use our platform. All you have to do is log in to your eAstroHelp account.

You can access the eAstroHelp platform either through the web or APP.

You always have the option to rely on our free services, but for the precise ones, you can recharge your wallet and avail the required services from our team of astrologers at any time.

To make things more simple, we have a rating and review system. So, for the best outcome, you can choose an astrologer from our website as per his/her customer ratings.

An astrologer should be able to predict and prevent everything in the cosmos - says who? It's not carved on a stone and you shouldn't carve it on your mind either.

Astrology is the science of making predictions. Those predictions are based on many things: the condition of planets, their relationship with each other, whether a planet is in an enemy house or enemy sign, and so much more. Besides, planets do not stay still - they move from house to house and sign to sign.

If you just stay put and don't shake a leg in the middle of a street because an astrologer told you that you'll not get hit by a car, it won't work! What we mean is, astrology predictions are subjective. For the predictions to come true, you have to act on what an astrologer has told you.

Then, there are some things like death that nobody can predict with one hundred perfect surety.

In short, astrology predictions are quite accurate but they're not always one hundred percent true. More than anybody else, it depends on you how you utilize the information that has been provided to you for the betterment of your life and future.

Online astrology basically works in two ways:

  1. Through a website.
  2. Get in touch with an astrologer directly.

For the former, you have to visit a website of your choice, pick the tools that are closest to your needs, and fill in your details (name, dob, and place of birth). The more accurate the details are, the more accurate the results will be.

The second way around is to get in touch with an astrologer. Again, pick the website of your choice, look at the astrologers associated with the website, and get in touch with the astrologer with the best customer ratings and reviews.

Astrology is more like the blueprint of the body, mind, and soul. You can ask an astrologer everything - of course, as long as you are not demeaning, vulgar, and disrespectful.

Whether it's your married life, your relationship with your family and colleagues, your love affairs, your career, your wealth, and your health - astrology can predict everything.

An astrologer will answer if you have any dosha, how you can protect yourself from a dosha, when will you get married, will you have a love marriage or arranged marriage, how can you get a son, when will your luck start favoring you, what should you do to defeat your enemies, and whatnot!

Precisely, shoot anything you want to know or anything that has been bothering you and an astrologer will be happy to help.

Well, yes! Other than the fact that the Sun rises from the east and sets in the west, pretty much everything else can be changed, and astrology predictions are no different.

There are 3 scenarios where these predictions can be changed.

  1. If an astrologer made a mistake in locating the position of the planets in your birth chart. In such a case, the predictions will most certainly go wrong.
  2. The most crucial pieces of information for astrology prediction are the date of birth and time of birth. If you've provided wrong information about either of these, in such a case, an astrology prediction will change.

If you change your nature (for good or bad), it changes your karma too. In such a situation, a planet that might have been agitated could turn benevolent for you (or vice-versa) In this case, again, the astrology predictions can change.