Facts About the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that’s ruled by Mars according to ancient astrology. According to modern astrology, Pluto is its ruler. It is the zodiac sign of courage and bravery.

Mars and Pluto have courage in common. It makes the people born with Scorpio as their star sign very brave. They’re not scared of facing challenges. In fact, they like to explore the dimensions of the unexplored. Unpredictable situations excite them. No matter what you do in life, the one thing you shouldn’t do is threaten a person who’s governed by the fury and rage of Mars like Scorpio-born people.

Looks of Scorpio Zodiac Sign Individuals

Scorpio people are enigmatic. They glow like a bulb, literally! You can recognize a happy Scorpio person from a distance. Scorpio women are very attractive, not normal attractive, really very attractive! They have long thick hair that they usually like to wear in a bun. They have a medium height, fair to pink complexion, excellent curves, and a delicate frame. It’s their eyes, though, that steals the cake. Scorpio men are tall and very handsome. They usually have a perfectly squared jawline and a broad chest. They have a heroic warrior’s stance that makes them desirable for the opposite sex. They usually have a tanned to medium-fair complexion.

The Personality of Scorpio Zodiac Sign Individuals

Scorpio people are perfect sneakers. If you’re not careful, they’ll grab any opportunity from under your paws. Before you know it, they might be your boss! Scorpio women enjoy a lot of male attention since adolescence. So, compliments cannot faze them. It’s hard to fool them with words. They’re curious and very wise. It’s beyond the power of a defenseless human to read the minds of these curious women. Their constantly scrutinizing eyes are unnerving. However, it doesn’t mean that these ladies only intimidate other people. They’re funny and adventurous too. In fact, that’s what they mostly want to be like! But, the hard part is they’re short-tempered.

Pisces men are just like the ladies, short-tempered. They don’t believe in starting an unnecessary fight but they believe in finishing one. Mars makes these men ruthless and savage when they’re angry. Under normal scenarios, life with Scorpio men is very adventurous. Their energy is extremely palpable. Having said that, these men are secretly sly. It’s better to not be their enemy if you can’t be their friend. Bear in mind, they neither forget nor forgive. A snake is the true animal spirit of a Scorpio person. It’s dangerous and fast, but it mostly attacks in defense. That’s exactly what Scorpio people do!

Career for the Scorpio Zodiac Sign Individuals

Bravery is in their blood. Mars, being the planet of War, makes these people excellent leaders in the army. They flare best as wing commanders, army majors, high-rank police officers, detectives, and firefighters. They’re also very creative, intuitive, and organized. Hence, they also do very well as architects, engineers, Psychiatrists, and counselors.

Married Life for Scorpio Zodiac Sign Individuals

It’s full of passion. Life with a Scorpio life partner can never be boring. They can be pretty difficult at times because they tend to be overprotective and a little bit jealous. But, everything is worth the little ups and downs because Scorpio people love their spouses the most. They never cheat in a relationship. Plus, they protect their people with all their power. Nothing can be more dangerous than an angry Scorpio person defending his/her family. If you have them as your life partner, you’ll never be lonely in your life.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign as Friends

They guard their friends just like they guard their family. They consider the well-being of their friends as personal responsibility. Whether it’s a fight or a financial struggle, everything has to go through them before it can strike their friends. They bravely fight by the side of the people they love during times of struggle. Having them as a friend means you have a protector and a guardian angel forever.


Houses Responsible for Studies

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