Facts About the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn is a Cardinal zodiac sign that’s ruled by Saturn, the Planet of Karma. It gives Capricorn-born people a no-nonsense attitude.

Saturn is a powerful planet that can make or break the life of a person. Since the Capricorn zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn, these people have a similarly strong sense of justice. The essence of Capricorn people is their unbiased approach in life.

Looks of Capricorn Zodiac Sign Individuals

Capricorn women are unorthodox beauties. In fact, nothing about them is orthodox. They have a beautiful dusky to olive-gold complexion. They’re very desirable, beyond beautiful, and they have a naturally toned body. Their intense good looks and big glassy eyes end up getting the admiration of the opposite sex. They don’t have to work hard to maintain their figure even as they grow old. Capricorn men are tall, muscular, and athletic. They usually have a medium-brown to dark skin tone. It gives them the intense looks of a refined warrior. These men walk like a graceful panther, quick, smooth, and silent!

The Personality of Capricorn Zodiac Sign Individuals

Capricorn people can be anything but cowards. They’re born with the full-blown force of Saturn. These people value their commitments, be it work or relationships. Capricorn women are very mysterious. They might give the outward appearance of being coy, but there’s a sharp mind constantly working behind their shy facade. These women are very motivated and it’s not possible to deviate them from what they want to achieve in life. They live by strong ethics and principles. They work in the interest of people who can’t defend themselves. The one thing you don’t want to do is hurt the people these women love. Capricorn women are extremely revengeful. They find the perfect opportunity to strike their enemies.

Capricorn men are very clever. They’re powerful and it’s wise to not mess around with people under their protection. They take the role of a protector and provider very seriously. They love and guard their family fiercely. These men are career-oriented and look for the right opportunities to find their way to success. They don’t put others down to make themselves look better. Having said that, they’re no fools! They are excellent judges of character. If you think you can dethrone them, it’s a big mistake. They can’t be tricked or talked into doing something they don’t want to do.

An Alpha Wolf describes Capricorn people the best. They’re providers, leaders, and caregivers. They’re born to lead, not follow!

Career for the Capricorn Zodiac Sign Individuals

Capricorn people have extremely good persuasion skills. Thus, they do extremely well as hiring managers, motivational speakers, and counselors. They’re very creative too. Hence, they can also pursue a career in writing, copywriting, editing, theatre, acting, and painting. Capricorn-born individuals can also be successful CEOs, finance planners, and leaders in the police and Army.

Married Life for Capricorn Zodiac Sign Individuals

Their marriage is exemplary. When Capricorn people take their wedding vows, they take them very seriously. They’re romantic at heart, but they can’t express their love in words. Due to this inability to express themselves, they, sometimes, end up upsetting their spouses. But, they don’t let the marriage fall apart so easily. The only reason that Capricorn people initiate a divorce is infidelity on the part of their partners. Capricorn-borns can’t forgive cheaters. Having said that, as long as their spouses are faithful, they can endure any hardship to keep their partners happy.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign as Friends

Capricorn individuals are genuine friends. If you have them in your life, you’re their family. These people, as we said, keep their pack together like an Alpha wolf. Needless to say, they’re territorial too. There’s no room for an extra person in their pack as long as they don’t approve. Some people might find it clingy or bossy, but the way Capricorn-borns defend their friends makes them worth every trouble.


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