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You will have to be extremely careful as loopholes in previous signed contracts may be discovered. As a result, problems related to property will cause you some distress. Be wary of commissioners and middlemen who may try to fool you for their own benefit. Your skin may be dull and dehydrated today. Avoid speaking in an unfriendly manner even if the other person is rude to you or to your friends. Be careful, hurting them will bring no good. You have been working efficiently for your employer and meeting all your targets on time. Hence, you will receive a generous bonus from the agency. You may later realize that you argued the wrong point with your partner and feel embarassed. It is advisable not to create any arguments at all today. Unwanted and unavoidable circumstances may surface out of nowhere and catch you off guard. This might result in some delays to the completion of a project. There is the possibility that you will finally go on a long-distance trip to an exotic destination which you had planned with your friends. You will enjoy yourself immensely. An elder member of your family will meet with an accident which could be life-threatening. This will be very traumatic and stressful for you. You may have been doing good work in your neighborhood for some time. This will be recognized by others and you will be appreciated by your neighbors. You may have to deal with breathing problems for a short while as you may be dealing with a mysterious new allergy. Be wary of new or unusual foods.


You may have some unfinished business or looming deadlines. Today luck assists you in completing these tasks. You might not look your best today. Keep your words to a minimum because no one will appreciate what you have to say and you may even feel discriminated against by others This is a great day for risk taking and gambling as your luck is high and you are sure to win a lot of money. Be careful who you trust today, sometimes we don't really know the people in our lives. Do not spill your relationship secrets to someone on good faith. You might be given a big responsibility in a political party. The party leaders will be impressed with your ideology and see a great potential for leadership in you. You will feel the need to visit places which you have many memories of. It will be good for you to remember these past times. You should be extremely careful regarding the health of your wife as she may face some difficulties related to the nervous system. Get a check-up before it advances further. Your friends will prove to be quite helpful as they are likely to pool in funds to invest in your business and will help you to make important connections. If you are not taking proper care of your back you may suffer from neck pain or become vulnerable to shoulder injury. Try improving your sleeping position or sitting position to properly rest this sensitive area of your body.


A very difficult task is ahead of you. You will have to face a hard dilemma regarding your present and securing your future. It will be a difficult test for you as you will have to face a unique problem, seldom faced by anyone. Be careful and think it through. Your skin may be dull and dehydrated today. You may be pre-occupied with all that's on your mind and may absent-mindedly speak out. You must be attentive to what you are saying. You may see a sudden windfall from investments and may be able to repay the bank loans that you have been struggling with. It's quite likely that misunderstandings may arise between husbands and wives as both may not be able to understand each other's concerns which may lead to petty arguments. You might take on more responsibilities in a political position and may even be put in charge of managing a special team or organizing an event for the party. You might have been planning to take an international trip for quite some time now. This may be a perfect time to execute your plans and go for an amazing holiday. You will have to be careful how you deal with your children as they may be acting rebellious and may think that you are not on their side about a certain matter. You may meet up with some very old friends after a very long period apart and you will be delighted to revisit old memories with them. Try to avoid junk or oily food today as your stomach may be a bit sensitive. Therefore, it would likely affect your health and cause you to feel nauseated.


You will be too enthusiastic and will take on many new activities and have an unquenching thirst to learn and try out new things. Your experiments will pay off with the right effort and will be rewarded and known amongst your peers. Do not get involved in unnecessary arguments with anyone as it will just waste your time and you will not be able to submit your work on time. You might get some extra income through your younger brothers who may have saved some money to buy you a present from their first job. Your near and dear ones will seem to be aloof this week and even your partner shall turn his or her back and will not respond to you in a way they usually do. You shall feel helpless. You may be bored with your current job and will be looking out for new ventures. however, you will have to be careful while doing so as you may tend to get excited seeing many lucrative opportunities You are a travel buff and you spend a lot of your savings on your tours and travel. This may be high time for you to cut down on the travel expenditure and save money. There might be monetary gains and recognition with the help of your father. You may even be given a special position in the office due to your father's influence. You may need some moral support as you might be feeling low. Your friends will be of great help to you and they will be affectionate to you. Your parent’s or your spouse’s health may be a cause of concern for you. Promotions in your work life may be delayed or you may be having a severe financial crisis or the business venture you invested in may not give desired results. Stress can come from multiple problems which may affect your health.