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Even if you fall in trouble or someone makes a fuss about anything, you will still keep your calm abe be reasonable about it. You will feel a bit of paranoia even though there is nothing wrong with anything around you, This shall pass as the week moves along. You shall be very respectful with your choice of words when you speak to some elderly person or a senior at work and will be praised for your polite nature. You shall reap an outstanding amount of money from the investments that you had made on real estate as the value of land is bound to increase. This is going to be a week full of petty fights with your partner which will turn into fun fights that you will enjoy. Some things have to be enjoyed as they come Your brain shall be working very fast and you will be coming up with great ideas. You will succeed in introducing new concepts in your profession which be welcomed by all. This is the best time for you to go on any solo trip that you may have dreamt of. You will feel energized and will have the best time of your life exploring new places. You may have been thinking to buy a new house for your family to shift in. It is good to consult with your family and friends this week before investing, thus yielding good results. There is a huge probability that you will be highly successful in your field of expertise so much such that even your enemies might be surprised on seeing your progress. if you are an asthma patient, keep your inhalers handy as there may be sudden attacks of breathlessness