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It's the perfect week for good relaxation. For the business folks, You might have to travel to a good location. But stay careful while going on trips. Overall the week seems good but with some bad patches in between. You shall have to deal with a significant number of transactions from now on. So, while negotiating rents and agreements you need to be a little careful. You will feel satisfied and at ease with your income as you will earn quite a good amount to fulfill your needs and your family's needs. People with whom you may have an estranged relation with even your ex will come to you to make peace with you. You may even find your enemies and previous partners come voluntarily to talk to you. All the tasks will be quickly finished. You are in an extremely energetic mood and will want to finish all your pending tasks in a hurry and it will be done in no time. If you want, you can shift to an urban center or even a different place for better job prospects. Traveling to some other place may give you the desired success. There is a possibility that you will be needed in your family as your opinion is going to matter Your influence on your family members will increase. You might have come back to your home town and all you parted friends and relatives will come to know about you and rejoin you. You may face problems in your joints this week or pain in the knees and ankles. Try to walk a bit to lessen the pain or avoid aimlessly wandering as your ankles can get sprained.