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It will be an extremely active day for you. Both your work and personal life will keep you quite busy today. Use your charm to get what you need. Your public speaking skills will take you to new heights as your audience will be moved and persuaded by your dependable and upright attitude. A business which might have been stagnant for some time will suddenly bloom and you will see unexpected income from it. Your wife may create some stress at home today. She may not approve of certain decisions you've made and this may lead to bitterness. Your political ambitions shall be hindered or come to a standstill due to a clash of opinion in your party. It may take time to resolve the issue. There is a great possibility that you a short trips for your leisure will turn out to be professionally beneficial for you. Your father may hand his business on to you to asses your capability, you will do an excellent job of maintaining his business and related assets. You may return to your home town and be reunited with all of your old friends and relatives. They will be delighted to see you again. Ladies may suffer from serious stomach aches today. Avoid lifting any unnecessary weight or doing any kind of strenuous physical labor.


You will do well in your attempts today, whether your are taking an exam or interviewing for a job. Your confidence is all you need to succeed. You will be in good shape physically. You will draw the attention of others through your clear communicative style and charisma and people will be impressed with your awareness of the needs of others. Investing in real estate will bring you great returns. You will receive income from unexpected sources, a lovely surprise that will make you happy. You might be wanting to take your partner on an outing, perhaps a short tour. Overall, you are prepapred to spend quite a bit of money on your partner. You may reach a point of stagnation in your work or business as you may not be able to maximize your profit. You will have to try out new methods to create an influx of money. Short trips or even a long walk can ease the tensions you may be feeling due to problems in your personal life. Your family may soon celebrate a marriage or new birth. This will bring great happiness to your home. There is also the potential for some other type of beneficial alliance. A friend may be helpful in convincing your parents to accept your marriage to a partner of a different religion which you were apprehensive about sharing with them. With an increasing workload, you may not be paying adequate attention to your health. It would be beneficial to try to work out a few days a week to keep yourself in shape.


Today you will be inclined to help those in need, perhaps you will make a donation. More than usual, you will act on your virtuous impulses today. Use your charm to get what you need. You might need to accept the help of your seniors in a high-stakes project. You will win their alliance by asking politely for the favor. This is a great day for risk taking and gambling as your luck is high and you are sure to win a lot of money. Your near and dear ones will seem aloof today and even your partner will turn his or her back and will not respond to you in the way they usually do. You will feel helplessly lonely. You might get an expected but overdue promotion. Your hard work will finally be recognized and you will be rewarded accordingly by your superiors. A little change in scenery will do you good and you deserve a break after all the hard work that you have done for your friends and family in recent times. Your sons may have been working extremely hard in their respective fields and will be immensely successful. Your sons will bring fame and recognition to the family name. There is a great probability that people who had been neglecting and ignoring you, will have reason to come to you and offer their alliance. If you are not taking proper care of your back you may suffer from neck pain or become vulnerable to shoulder injury. Try improving your sleeping position or sitting position to properly rest this sensitive area of your body.


This will overall be a positive week for you as all the good work that you may have done earlier will return to you in double proportion. You will have to reach government offices or websites to get the documentation done which might get postponed. Your opinions will get importance on the professional front as people will be impressed with your work and the ideas that you bring to the table. There might be issues in easy money transactions as the person you had a deal with will suddenly back off and your money will be at stake. Your partner may cause some trouble this week which may lead to misunderstandings between you and him. Listen to him as he is older experience. You might reap rewards in your profession or may even get promoted to a higher post. It may also be so that you will get a huge increment in your payment. This is the best week for buying assets and vehicles as some profitable deals may come in your way. Though you may have to travel a bit to get to the client. You may have been trying to conceive but it did not give a fruitful result. Therefore you might be interested in adopting children with your spouse. You might not be able to finish a particular task before a deadline. Take the help of your friends as they will do their best to help you out. Avoid unhealthy food o fast food as there is a chance of stomach related problems. There may even be a chance of underlying health issues causing abdominal or back pains. It will be beneficial if you visit the doctor or just go for a health check-up.