Latest Whatsapp Status - Anniversary Quotes

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You planted the seed years ago, but its your love that keeps our family tree root.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life and here's to many more years of happiness to come.

My love for you continues to grow each day, as I love you more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow.

May today be almost as special for you as the day I was born.

Thanks for making "love" mean more than I ever thought it could.

Thanks for never streaming a Game of Thrones episode without me by your side.

For all the love you gave us kids, thanks for never shorting one another.

It makes me happy to know you'll always have each other...when you need a ride to the airport.

One plus one plus equals another year to celebrate you two.

Only one year in and you're making Mr. and Mrs. look easy.

May this year be merely the first of many great ones to come.

365 days later, and I'm still crazy for you.

You are the perfect definition of a better half. You pick up the pieces I couldn't find in the puzzle of life. Thank you for completing me.

Could we be more in love? Thank you for being the Monica to my Chandler. I love you, honey. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

To the man who somehow successfully plays the role of a friend, savage lover, guardian and my kid all by himself.. Happy Anniversary baby. How are you the biggest pain in my neck and the biggest piece of my heart at the same time?

Since the day we met, I knew you were the one for me. I cannot begin to imagine how miserable my life would be without you! My most beautiful memories are the ones that I have shared with you. Thanks for being there, lots of love.

You are everything I had hoped for, you are more than I could have ever imagined, you are my dream come true. I love you with all my heart. Happy wedding anniversary my beautiful wife!

You taught me how to let go of all my fears and fall head over heels. Thank you for being so damn amazing! Happy Marriage Anniversary.

No matter where we go in life, we will always have each other. Here is raising a toast to this promise of forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary partner.

I did not know you would become my life when I met you for the first time. But you did and your faith and tenacity made me believe in love. I love you so much more than you know (name). Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Here comes the date! The memories of your wedding day are still so fresh in my mind. We all had a blast and I wish we could redo your wedding party every year. :D Congratulations on completing another year together. Love you both!

Dear Di and Jiju, The best thing about your wedding is that it gave me a second version of parents - only more lenient and friendly. :D hahaha! I am so lucky to have you both in my life. Thank you for motivating me every day.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary sis. You deserve all the happiness in this world and more! Hope this day makes you happier and showers you with blessings every year.