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  • What is the difference between Feng Shui and Vaastu?

    Vastu is one of the oldest architectural sciences, consisting of particular rules, regulations, and instructions laid down by Vedic sages. A house, according to Vastu shastra, is a living soul with prana. The name "Vastu" comes from Vastu, which means "to depict whatever that exists," such as a house or a building. Shastra means "systems" or "knowledge" in Sanskrit.

  • As per vastu shastra, where should a key holder be placed in the house?

    Well, here are some tips you can follow, while placing the keys in the house. A.The key stand should be kept in a safe location, ideally in the master bedroom. It should be placed in the room's north or east corner. B. Keys that aren't in use are considered metal clutter. This could result in a financial loss in the household. C.Locks and keys that are rusted or broken should not be maintained in the house and should be thrown immediately. D.Wooden keychains are advised for balancing the energy of metallic keys. E. Always keep your keys in a good key holder or stand. It should not be left on the dining table, chair, or in the children's room unattended because it can draw negative energy.

  • What is the best place for a toilet in a house as per Vastu?

    According to Vastu, the optimal position for the toilet seat is on the southeast or north-west side. This should be positioned such that the person using it is not looking east or west.

  • Where should safes be located according to Vastu Shastra?

    To avoid this, it's critical to maintain the vault pointing in the appropriate direction. Keep the locker facing the south side of the wall so that its mouth opens in the north, or facing the west side of the wall so that it opens in the east, according to our specialists at eAstrohelp

  • What should be the face of wall clock in house according to vastu?

    According to Vastu Shastra, wall clocks should be placed in the east, west, and north orientations. The placement of wall clocks in the south is not possible. Furthermore, the west direction should only be used if the east and north directions are unavailable.