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  • What does “cazimi venus” mean?

    Because the Sun and Venus are at the same place in the zodiac, the mid-way point is noteworthy. This retrograde conjunction of the Sun and Venus represents a metaphorical turning point, and the moment the Sun and Venus join is magical.

  • What can I do for the Mahadasha of Venus?

    When Venus is poorly placed in the natal chart, it produces negative effects and tarnishes an individual's image. Losses, broken relationships, increased loans and debts, and other negative consequences are all likely.

  • What can I do for the Mahadasha of Venus?

    Every evening, light a camphor lamp in the house to ward against negativity. Never accept freebies or gifts from others. Green grass should be fed to cows on a daily basis, or as least every Friday.

  • How do I strengthen a weak mercury in a horoscope?

    Do Japa of the Budha Beeja Mantra: (Om Bram Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah) 17000 times in 40 days to strengthen weak mercury. Make a donation to help the planet Mercury: On Wednesday, provide a full Moong Dal, green vegetables, and green clothing. On Wednesdays, both men and women can fast without consuming any salt, which can miraculously strengthen weak mercury in both male and female horoscopes. On Wednesday, wear a steel or iron ring on your tiny finger.

  • What is the remedy for Mercury debilitated in the 12th house?

    You can try these as the remedy for malefic mercury in 12th House. (1) Throwing a new empty pitcher in a river. (2) Wearing a stainless steel ring. (3) Applying kesar tilak to the face and head, as well as visiting sacred sites. (4) Seeking counsel from someone else before embarking on a new or critical project.