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What can I do for the Mahadasha of Venus?

When Venus is poorly placed in the natal chart, it produces negative effects and tarnishes an individual's image. Losses, broken relationships, increased loans and debts, and other negative consequences are all likely. The most effective Venus Mahadasha Remedies to include in order to reverse Venus's malefic effects are as follows: Silver jewellery should be worn, and silver articles should be kept in the wallet or pocketbook.
On Fridays, donate white food and ornaments to girls in need.
Always dress neatly and professionally.
On Fridays, honor Goddess Lakshmi.
On Fridays, avoid consuming alcohol and eating non-vegetarian meals.
108 times a day, chant " Om Shum Shukraya Namaha" Always wash your used clothing before wearing them again.
Every evening, light a camphor lamp in the house to ward against negativity.
Never accept freebies or gifts from others.
Green grass should be fed to cows on a daily basis, or as least every Friday.