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What does “cazimi venus” mean?

Venus was supposed to be a star rather than a planet in ancient times because she shone so brightly in the night sky — we' ve saw Venus' beauty during the last few weeks. Venus, on the other hand, has vanished from view. This is due to the fact that Venus is approaching the halfway point of her retrograde cycle, which occurs today, June 3rd. Because the Sun and Venus are at the same place in the zodiac, the mid-way point is noteworthy. This retrograde conjunction of the Sun and Venus represents a metaphorical turning point, and the moment the Sun and Venus join is magical. When a planet is illuminated by the Sun's rays, this is referred to as cazimi in astrology. The Sun-Venus cazimi moment occurs at 18:44 GMT+1, however, Venus will have an audience with the Sun for several hours on either side.