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“Most of us are motivated as hell to do anything to pursue our dreams until those around us remind us of the danger, the downside, our own limitations, and all the people before us that didn’t make it.

“Life is one big mind game. The only person you are playing against is yourself.”

“Starting at zero is a mindset that says my refrigerator is never full, and it never will be.”

“We can always become stronger and more agile, mentally and physically. We can always become more capable and more reliable. Since that’s the case we should never feel that our work is done. There is always more to do.”

“We are all fighting the same battle. All of us are torn between comfort and performance, between settling for mediocrity or being willing to suffer in order to become our best self, all the damn time.”

“We need to surround ourselves with people who will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear, but at the same time not make us feel we’re up against the impossible.”

“In life, there is no gift as overlooked or inevitable as failure.”

“Luck is a capricious bi***. It won’t always go your way, so you can’t get trapped in this idea that just because you imagined a possibility for yourself that you somehow deserve it.”

“Self-talk and visualization are the two keys to my success.”

“Self-talk and visualization are the two keys to my success.”

“To develop an armored mind — a mindset so calloused and hard that it becomes bulletproof — you need to go to the source of all your fears and insecurities.”

“In every failure a lot of good things will have happened, and we must acknowledge them.”