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In your career, the transit of the Sun indicates that you may receive favour from senior authority or the government. In the workplace and in business, communication and word of mouth will be extremely important. Elderly hands will be there to assist you. There may be some difficult relationships with siblings that need to be addressed. During this month, your relationship with your mother will grow and strengthen. You should follow your mother’s advice because it will benefit your schooling and career. This month, a small get-together with family will revitalise your bond. With your determination and a positive attitude, you will gain valuable knowledge and engage in the process of self-improvement this month. There may be unexpected tasks and responsibilities this month. Furthermore, avoid making a commitment if you are unsure about its fulfilment. Negative thoughts and unwanted conversations with people should also be avoided. You should have a solid plan in place for this month so that you don’t find yourself in a bind trying to complete tasks within a specified time range. According to the transiting Sun and Ketu, you should limit your use of electronic devices and try to meditate periodically before going to bed!