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Taurus will be encouraged to take a hard look at their professional lives in October. With so much planetary activity in this sign’s employment house, it’s apparent that Taureans are putting in long hours at work, taking on more tasks, and interacting with a wide range of people. The new moon on October 6 will bring even more duties to their shoulders, but they will handle it well because they are the mighty bull. Mercury, our cosmic messenger, on the other hand, will cause confusion, delays, and stagnation. Which means that even if Taurus does their hardest to hit their targets, something will still go wrong. Giving it your all and taking your time, rather than rushing through and doing things sloppily, is highly recommended. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury are all aligned for the sign, indicating that all of the stars will soon be on their side to help them truly make their imprint in your industry. Taureans are likely to experience success and power this month, but it’s also critical to fine-tune plans and initiatives to perfection. The full moon on the twentieth of the month may bring feelings of depression and exhaustion. To avoid burning out, it is therefore preferable to keep your head down and relax. This month, Venus will emphasise closeness for the entire month of October, which may ignite romance. The presence of Mars on the sign’s house of opportunity on the thirty-first day will bring working as a team on crucial matters.