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Some of you may continue to have good luck throughout the month. Though this may appear to be a mixed bag at first, as time goes on, you will notice that it is working out in your favour, especially after the 4th of the month. Due to the transit of Mars and Mercury, communication will need to be sharpened on some levels. You may rest comfortable that if you can work on this, you will do well in all of your preparations. Improved communication abilities will help you get respect and honour in society, in addition to gaining reputation at work. Furthermore, this month could bring about a cash windfall. You may still experience some dips in income streaming in through investments if there is a break in your money gains. Around this time, social prestige will be on the rise. You will endeavour to perform your tasks in the workplace with great confidence, even if you do not have the full backing of your coworkers and friends. Around this period, you’ll have plenty of pleasure and support from your family. Simultaneously, cordial relationships with persons of high status will be developed. Friends and acquaintances will provide gentle support as well. Furthermore, students pursuing advanced degrees are expected to do well this month. If your prelims are scheduled this month, some of you will do well. Furthermore, if you have long-term ambitions to relocate, you are more likely to do so. It’s an excellent moment for academics as well as better job prospects. Additionally, youngsters will bring you excellent news, and your travels will go well. There will be a celebration at your family level, with participation from all family members!