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There are several online astrologer sites, but I like this one after trying others. I've only had a good experience with this eastrohelp site, and their app is quite useful and has a lot of features, which I've been using for the past few weeks. The services are outstanding. The astrologers on this platform are quite pleasant and humble, and they are very accurate in their predictions. What's more, everything they say about your past is correct. Not once, but several times, I've had such a good experience that I'd like to recommend it to everyone.

Sunil Arora

I have very good experience with eAstroHelps. Their astroloer consultation is very accurate, positive, he answered every question I am looking forward to my future positively and he gives me right advice I am happy with Mahesh sir consultation. Thank you very much sir.

Nikhil Raina

यह बहुत बढ़िया वेबसाइट है, मुझे इससे बहुत मदद मिली है. इसका कुंडली बहुत एक्यूरेट होती है

Geeta Sharma

This programme displays my daily horoscope accurately. And my horoscope predicts that certain things will happen to me. I would strongly advise everyone who wants to know their daily horoscope to use this app. I had already referred a few people and plan to do so again. Horoscope reader who is actually extraordinary

Sunita Tiwari

This programme is jam-packed with useful features. I went over each feature one by one when I first used this app and was blown away. Hundreds of astrologers with a diverse range of skills. For a live session, dial-in. Making a Kundli to get your horoscope for the day This is a fantastic app for a variety of uses.

Neeraj Sakhuja

So far, I've learnt about a fantastic astrology app and a few other things. I used this app to try out different services as well as speak with an astrologer about my situation, and the results were fantastic. I wasn't expecting this software to be as good as it is, but it is simply outstanding. It's simple to talk to an astrologer; we may phone them at any moment and choose who we want to speak with.

Leela Singh

I sign up for this app and note that it is free, but that it requires a recharge, which isn't too expensive, to make a call or chat with an astrologer. The prices are really inexpensive, and the supervisors are always pleasant to speak with and always offer the best answers to your concerns.

Punit Soni

I start my day by reading my horoscope in this app every morning. And I have the option of learning more about my zodiac sign or speaking with any astrologer I desire at any time. and I'm no longer concerned about my unfavourable horoscope. An inquiry on how to overcome the unpleasant impacts of a terrible horoscope.

Deepti Karki

This software is quite handy for locating a professional astrologer, phoning them, speaking with them, scheduling live sessions, and a variety of other tasks. I'm pleased with their previously mentioned services.

Lokesh Dahiya