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In the beginning, I was not sure about purchasing a horoscope online. Later I took an in-depth report from eastrohelp.com. I should say they have done great work in providing easily understandable, accurate and detailed predictions. I have seen the indication of many past events that happened in my life in the horoscope report. Great effort by the team who is behind it. I am happy and really satisfied with the report. Thank you.

Shashank Gupta

I have used many apps but non compared to eAstrohelp. Especially when it comes to predictions, as eAstrohelprotalk is a very trustworthy site. You can 100% rely upon it. They provide a free first trial as well wherein you can connect with a vedic astrologer or tarot in my case i chose tarot and i was connected to saumya she gave me a very easy remedy to activate my stars and to my surprise, a lot of good opportunities came into my way. And i have been using the app since then.

Monika Puri

Support and Service is Excellent. They have replied to my mail within minutes. They sent me the Report after analyzing my birth chart. The information given in the chart is accurate and perfect. I am fully satisfied with the report. Content is really easy to understand. Even it is available in all regional languages. Very User Friendly also. The process of taking the report was very easy. I should say the price is also very less compared to many other portals and the quality is remarkable.

Riyas Pundir

This APP displays my daily horoscope accurately. And my horoscope predicts that certain things will happen to me. I would strongly advise everyone who wants to know their daily horoscope to use this app. I had already referred a few people and plan to do so again. Horoscope reader who is actually extraordinary

Meenakshi Kapoor

I liked the report. Mostly because of the easiness to understand the content. I was convinced with the prediction because some of them matches with my past occurrences. I bought a report called in depth horoscope and they have given a detailed analysis of my horoscope Thank you for the report.

Vishesh Bhandari

Realy nice one, Especially with different language accesability, realy usefull, I felt that this one realy helps me. I will surely recommend this to other. Its one of the best horoscope site, I have ever used, really awsome. Everyone can easily usefull because of the availability and accessibility of different languages. I will surely recommend this to others.

Veena Gupta

I had a Great experience with eastrohelp. They have a good customer support team as they cleared all my queries on time. I have purchased there in depth horoscope which is very detailed but i had some queries regarding my career hence i called support team and they recommended me to get an Astro consultation. They helped me reach the astrologer who answered my questions. I am really satisfied now.

Sukhdev Nangia

I had some issue in payment. They called and solved the issue. I got report within 24hrs. Happy that a customer care agent called here to tell there was a problem in payment processing. Ii thought my money was gone. Thank you to the support team. Big 5 star from my side.

Satish Dogra

They are very genuine and the horoscope is too. Most of the writings match with my life and expect to match further. It is impossible to match a horoscope 100%. So, you may go for it with no doubts.

Mansi Rathee