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I have been using this app from quite sometime. The app is overall good and easy to use. App Service is amazing, there are so many astrologers with great knowledge about career , job , love and relationships. Also, the customer support team is very helpful. This app is defiantly recommended if you guys want to know accurate predictions about your future.

Gaurav Khanna

I absolutely love this website, I was skeptical at first, but this has turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. I’ve found out so much within myself and with my surrounding relationships, whether they be friendships or romantic. Astrologer Sona has been by far my most favorite. I have had read into my everyday life. She’s honest and straightforward, never sugarcoating. I trust her insight and intuition fully. Two thumbs up for sure! 10/10 recommend.

Soma Sethi

This application is very useful for us, especially Tarot Readers, Love it, we can choose an Astrologer or Tarot Reader from our choice and the good thing is there are many types of Consultants which are of very Good Quality!

Prashant Yadav

This app is amazing with real astrologer predicting your future and past. I asked about my career using my real name and birthdate and they asked me what is my occupation currently. I loved it. Wonderful! The astrologer are countless. But I believe that they are very professional and can read everything you ask based on your detail given to them. You have to try this. You only given one free session Thank you. eAstrohelp

Shweta Bambri

I never believed in all this until one of my friends suggested me this app last year and I installed it out of curiosity and asked a question as they offer a trial session for the first time you sign up and trust e on this, the chart that they prepared and the prediction they gave was soo close to 100% that I was blown away! Since then I have been using this amazing app whenever I have any questions. Sometimes the predictions are repetitive, but most of the time they are able to deliver almost accurate and relatable information. I am very much satisfied with their service and not to forget, their customer support team is really helpful and is the cherry on the cake.

Abhishek Kumra

In the beginning, I was not sure about purchasing a horoscope online. Later I took an in-depth report from eastrohelp.com. I should say they have done great work in providing easily understandable, accurate and detailed predictions. I have seen the indication of many past events that happened in my life in the horoscope report. Great effort by the team who is behind it. I am happy and really satisfied with the report. Thank you.

Shashank Gupta

I have used many apps but non compared to eAstrohelp. Especially when it comes to predictions, as eAstrohelprotalk is a very trustworthy site. You can 100% rely upon it. They provide a free first trial as well wherein you can connect with a vedic astrologer or tarot in my case i chose tarot and i was connected to saumya she gave me a very easy remedy to activate my stars and to my surprise, a lot of good opportunities came into my way. And i have been using the app since then.

Monika Puri

Support and Service is Excellent. They have replied to my mail within minutes. They sent me the Report after analyzing my birth chart. The information given in the chart is accurate and perfect. I am fully satisfied with the report. Content is really easy to understand. Even it is available in all regional languages. Very User Friendly also. The process of taking the report was very easy. I should say the price is also very less compared to many other portals and the quality is remarkable.

Riyas Pundir

I liked the report. Mostly because of the easiness to understand the content. I was convinced with the prediction because some of them matches with my past occurrences. I bought a report called in depth horoscope and they have given a detailed analysis of my horoscope Thank you for the report.

Vishesh Bhandari