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Very useful app and provided me accurate predictions .I took an astrologer consultation and am very satisfied with predictions. I had a phone consultation with Mr. Ayush Kumar. He gave me an elaborate explanation of my queries. Thank you eastrohelp for the help.

Mohan Kumar

Very good website to get knowledge about Astrology and related things. The user experience of their website is very good. It is very easy to get in touch with the astrologers on board and the best part is that the experience is totally seamless. Have used many astrology apps earlier, but this is something which is much faster and stronger.

Smriti Srivastava

Great service at an affordable price. Let me explain my story. I had a very good job with an MNC, but due to lockdown was fired from the job. At this time i came across this website and took their services. I was rightly guided by Acharya Pratibha and i followed all her instructions. My Kundli was check and it was found that i had a yog of business. Thankfully at that time, i had the option of going for franchisee business with a edtech company. I was suggested to take up this and luckily as of now i am doing good. Thank you so much Pratibha ji, for such good advice.

Shoaib Arora

I got the information about this astrology website from one of my friends. actually, I was looking for career guidance and wealth prospects. I had tried free astrology report and I felt the detailed report would be useful. The detailed report is accurate and easy to understand the favourable time and remedies which can help me to get better luck. I suggested this website to my kith & kin.

Vidyut Gupta